Thermage – Reduces Wrinkles Dramatically

Your face reflects your age and hence everyone wants a glowing youthful face so that they can never be termed as old. People are ready to spend huge amounts of money to look beautiful and retain the youth of their skin. There are Retin-A treatments, laser treatments, facelifts and many other cosmetic methods of getting rid of wrinkles and dull, sagging skin. An addition to these cosmetic treatments is Thermage. It uses the technique of radiofrequency resurfacing in order to restore the skin to its normal state. Following are some of the details about the treatment that one should know:

How it works?

Thermage is approved by FDA and is a safe procedure with very effective results. The process begins with heating the dermis layer of the skin and underlying tissues. This eventually heats up the collagen to an optimal extent. The heating of collagen leads to tightening of the skin. While this is happening the epidermis layer is cooled at the same time so as to regulate the heat. Constant application of heat can damage the skin. There is a cooling device which works in unison with the heating device thus helping in the thickening of the collagen and helping in the tightening of the skin and reducing crow feet and wrinkles.


Firstly, the treatment is absolutely noninvasive i.e. not a single incision is required. It can be performed on most skin types and works well for all kinds of people. There is no damage to the upper layer of the skin as in the laser treatment. Patients can return back to their normal life the very same day once the treatment is completed. Facelift generally takes two weeks for recovery and also leaves a few scars. The effects of the Thermage treatment last for minimum of 2 years. Moreover it is a quick procedure and needs only one sitting. Depending on the area of the skin to be covered, it may take maximum one hour. It also provides immediate effects which better as time passes. It is not very expensive and costs around $2000 dollars.

Risks involved

The procedure is definitely painful which is why a cream is applied which acts like anesthesia to control the pain. Sometimes if the power to be used is high, IV sedation or nerve blocks may also be used to reduce pain. The skin experiences heating as that is how the therapy works. At times there may be a few blisters, minor swelling and redness. However this vanishes as soon as the treatment is completed.

Modifications in the Technique

Advancement in this area is the Comfort Pulse Technology. This uses perfect precision for uniform heating of the skin. It also uses a special vibrating device which has provided additional comfort and more efficient treatment. Most patients have preferred using this technology as compared to the regular thermage. In fact this procedure is very effective as it heats up the tissue to the targeted temperature four times better. Thus with the Thermage procedure one can experience dramatic results in maintaining the youth of the skin.

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