What Are Some Of The Signs Of Depression?

Gloominess is a clear sign of depression in very many people. This is a time when euphoria is not an option and the one thing that drives depressed people is sadness and the lack of smiling or even smiling even when there is need to do so.

Get aggravated really easily by the slightest things. This frustration can cause someone to actually cry or even withdraw from people. Something that normally does not cause the person any kind of grieve actually makes them get really angry with slightest of things.

Not having the urge to indulge in joyous activities is another sign of depression. The need of abstaining from anything good is as a result of depression. The current mood does not encourage them to be around happy people or happy things.

Those who are sexually active loose the urge of having sex. Some will have it but will not like it because they are just not in the mood of being intimate with their partners.

Insomnia during depression is because of worrying all the time. People who are constantly worrying about something always have trouble sleeping.

Whilst there are those who instead sleep too much and this is because that is the only time they feel better. As long as they are not conscious, then they do not have to be reminded of the cause of the depression. Thus they will choose to sleep all the time.

A common sign of depression is the disappearance of appetite. Food does not seem appealing at all and all their energy is filled to being sad about something that is clearly irreversible. Missing major meals is what causes depressed people to loose a lot of weight. So another sign of depression is underweight.

Some do not want to eat and other will eat everything they can find. Every time they think about their source of depression, then they will eat. Depressed people remain in that state because they are unable to forget what is making them sad. So this means that they will eat for as long as they are depressed. This explains the gain weight which is another indication of depression.

Low productivity in studies or even work due to lack of concentration. Depressed people seem to be in a world of their own and this tends to distract them in such a manner that they will not think of anything else.

Chronic fatigue is another condition of depression. This will cause one to lose the urge to do anything and will not want to indulge in any activity that will require a lot of their strength.

Emotional status like crying is another problem with depression. This is something that may happen when the depressed person is constantly reminded of what is making them have a very low mood.

Headaches due to lack of sleep and appetite is also a sign of depression. Depressed people are generally weak because they are emotionally exhausted and they refuse to eat and that will easily trigger a headache.

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