What Are Some Of The Home Remedies Of The Common Cold?

The common cold exhausts a lot and in order to feel better without going to the hospital, it is wise to get enough rest. When the body gets enough rest, then the virus is suppressed and the common cold disappears with time.

Drink a lot of water
During common colds, the person often feels very dehydrated. That is why it is very important to have a lot of water. The water helps the body fight the virus and if there is no water in the body, then the cold is going to persist.

Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks
Beverages that have caffeine are not good especially when someone is suffering from the common cold. Coffee and sodas have caffeine and they always dehydrate whoever is drinking them and that will cause the common cold to be worse. If drinks other than water have to be taken, then juice could be a good substitute instead of these carbonated drinks.

Do not sniff mucus back
Common colds bring by running noses. So it is very wise to blow the nose instead of resisting and snuffling the mucus back. This only makes the cold worse and it is better to just get done with the mucus once and for a whole.

Gargle warm salty water
Some common colds cause sore throats which are not comfortable at all. One way of taking care of the sore throats is actually mixing a solution of warm water and salt. Then rinse your throat with the mixture and spit the mixture out. Several repetitions occasionally will solve the sore throat problems.

Take honey
Honey is another remedy for common colds. At times common colds pave way for dry coughs that can really irritate the throat. Taking honey soothes the throat and reduces the number of times someone has to cough. People who have common colds have trouble sleeping. So when they take honey, they can fall asleep without difficulty.

Zinc improves the immune system. This means that the common cold virus is dealt with and it reduces. The virus of the cold comes out when the body is under a lot of stress. This is also the time the immune system is not doing well. So what happens is that the zinc restores the immune system to its former state to fight the cold.

Spicy food-clears up sinuses
Eating food that has a lot of spices is good for the common cold. This is because the spices like garlic enable the sinuses to unblock and the discomfort disappears. Urge of eating during the common cold is rampant because it is really difficult to taste food. Spicy food on the other hand has a taste that can be acknowledged.

Saline solution to decongest sinuses
Instead of using decongestants from chemists, it is better to have saline solutions to run through the nose to clear them. The concentration of the saline solution should not be too much or the nose is going to get irritated easily.

Common colds do not require stuffy rooms. So having a dehumidifier in every room of the house or even office will reduce the intensity of the cold.

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