Women Who Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant

There have been many women who have given birth without even knowing they were pregnant until the day they went into labor. This is a situation that hundreds of women have found themselves in all across the globe. This phenomenon has become so widespread that it spawned a popular television series called “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” Most women who have had children and experienced pregnancy, have become baffled as they pondered the question, “how could a woman not know that she was pregnant?”

Out of all of the stories told of women having babies without knowing they were pregnant, one common theme has stood out. Their menstrual cycles were abnormal. A woman who becomes pregnant, may not even realize it if her menstrual cycles are off the chart. Most women have normal periods. Every month they start their period, it lasts for three to five days, and then they don’t experience another period for another three weeks. But for other women, they have the opposite experience. They only have a menstrual cycle four to five times a year.

Another common theme for women who became pregnant without realizing it, is that they still had periods, even though they were pregnant. These same women never had any weight gain, no bulging stomach, no cravings, or morning sickness. However, after giving birth to their babies, and then looking back, they were able to see some signs. Some women experienced fatigue and nausea, but explained it away with other reasons, such as stress. Some of these women even took pregnancy tests, but they came up negative. For these women, they were caught unprepared. They did not have the luxury of planning for the birth of a baby. Most women who know that they are pregnant, are able to watch what they eat, stop the drinking of alcohol, and stop smoking during the pregnancy. These other women who didn’t know they were pregnant, did not watch what they ate, they drank alcohol, and they smoked. Most babies that were born from mothers who didn’t know they were pregnant, were born healthy, but for the most part, babies can be harmed if a mother does not take care of herself throughout the pregnancy.

Another reason why some women didn’t know they were pregnant is that they carried the babies higher up in their abdomen, or farther back in the abdominal area. Therefore, experiencing very little weight gain. Most people who knew these women, such as their husbands, family, and friends, did not even know that they were pregnant.

Women who have babies without knowing they were pregnant can experience economic hardship when they are financially unprepared for a new edition to their lives.

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