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What Is High Quality Olive Oil?

Olio e aceto

How can you tell if you are using high quality olive oil? Here are some important standards that are used to judge the quality of olive oil: • The International Olive Oil Council is the governing body that creates standards in determining the quality of olive oil. ...

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Choosing The Best Kid’s Bike

Kid on bike.

The best way to purchase a bike for kids is to buy them personally from the store. Do not be tempted to buy online or from a catalogue since you can’t approximate the size and the preference of your child. Just like buying clothes, a child’s bike must fit like a glove. Your child ...

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Choosing The Best Coffee Powder

tasting coffee

Coffee powder may be the best and the most efficient way to instantly make a cup of coffee. Coffee powder is ground coffee beans that are turned into powder through a drying process; the process retains the natural flavor, strength and aroma of coffee beans to give you a ...

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Choosing The Best Face Cream For Winter

Face cream and olive twig

During the dry winter months, your skin can become dry and oftentimes, drying of the skin can lead to serious skin conditions. Moisturizing skin during these months can help rejuvenate skin and can prevent dryness, flakiness and itching. Choosing the right face cream for ...

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Can Use Of Bluetooth Headsets Lead To Cancer?

oreillette bluetooth

There are more and more consumers that have raised concerns about the health risks of using Bluetooth headsets. Lately, there have been fears that frequent use can ultimately lead to the development of cancer. Although there are no conclusive evidence that this is ...

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Buying A Vegetable Steamer


A vegetable steamer is a kitchen tools that is designed to steam vegetables. Vegetables are meant to be steamed rather than thoroughly cooked to preserve its nutrients as well as preserve its natural flavors. With a vegetable steamer, you can gain valuable nutrients that ...

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Buying A Microwave Hood

Domestic technique

A microwave hood may be the best way to upgrade a traditional kitchen. It can be an efficient cooking appliance as well as a great way to save on counter space. But what do you need to remember when buying the ideal microwave hood? Here are several points to consider: 1. Make ...

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Relationship Between Noni And Cancer


It is a known fact that there a number of people who believe in the medicinal and nutritional properties of noni. Further it is also a fact that quite a few experiments have been conducted to find out whether there exist a genuine relationship between cancer and noni. There ...

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What Is Tthe Best SPF Face Cream?

face cream and orchid

Are you looking for the ideal face cream to use to prevent sun damage skin? There are so many SPF face creams in the market but how do you know which one to choose? Here are several techniques to follow so you can be sure you are using adequate SPF for your skin: • It all depends ...

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How To Choose The Best Natural Antacid

goccia latte splash

While it is fact that most of us suffer from acidity problems at some point in time, the first thing that we do is to either pop in an antacid tablet or gulp a few spoonsful of some over the counter antacid that is literally scattered all over the place. This is a bad practice and ...

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Health Products Reviews

Very Light Splint With Reasonable Price

Product: Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support Category: Products For Rehabilitation Author: meinfla
Author's opinion:
There are a number of splints that are available for use while sleeping in the night. While the main reason for using these splints is to treat the various problems ...

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Easily Assembled By Anybody

Product: Spa Bath Tub Bathtub Shower Chair Seat B Category: Products For Rehabilitation Author: Jsmooth83
Author's opinion:
Considering my height of 5’7 weighing 198 pounds, I got pregnant. As expected, I will still gain more weight; and I did. With such status I experienced a hard time in ...

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Good Looking Hearing Aid

Product: The Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier Category: Hearing Aids Author: cwilson
Author's opinion:
My grandfather now unfortunately suffers hearing loss. We are not certain if it is due to old age or some other factors. All we know is that we wanted to help him get over ...

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Calm Your Stressed Mind

Product: Marpac 580A Sound Screen & Sleep Mat Category: Miscellaneous Author: Alex Martinez
Author's opinion:
I am not used to sleeping in an overly quiet room but I am also not used to sleeping with the noises of in the city. So I bought this Marpac 580A Sound Screen & Sleep Mate ...

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All in one table

Product: Adjustable Non-Tilt Overbed Table/Hospit Category: Massage Chairs & Beds Author: Lil T
Author's opinion:
This adjustable Non-Tilt Overbed Table has been a best friend to me during my whole 9 months of pregnancy. I have a very sensitive case of pregnancy which has lead me to ...

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Flexible and easy to use

Product: Carex Shoe Horn Category: Accessories Author: cwilson
Author's opinion:
I have used shoe hors my whole life. I have always been on the heavier side. So, it is a problem for me to bend over and put on my shoes. Moreover, my 14 year old son hurt his ...

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Safe Device Which Will Facilitate Your Life

Product: Mattress Genie Bed Lift System Category: Products For Rehabilitation Author: Selina
Author's opinion:
I used this Mattress Genie Bed Lift System the time that my grandfather got sick. In all fairness, this particular product has been a big help for all of us in taking care ...

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Diabetic's Little Friend

Product: Accu-Chek Compact Plus Meter Kit Category: Glucometers Author: Selina
Author's opinion:
Accu-Chek Plus Meter Kit is indeed brought a great help to my family especially to my dad. Unfortunately, our whole family is genetically infested with this life ...

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Highest precision and no annoying coding any more.

Product: Bayer’s Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring Category: Glucometers Author: Gabriela Gonzales
Author's opinion:
Every individual’s diabetes is not the same, and so with their testing requirements. That is the reason why Contour meter made by Bayer enable you to choose the levels ...

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120$ is absolutely worth it.

Product: ENT Diagnostic Kit Category: Physical Therapy & Beauty equipment Author: Gabriela Gonzales
Author's opinion:
ENT diagnostic kit is used by the people who are into medical profession within which otoscope and ophthalmoscope are of frequent use. This kit contains instruments ...

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Boy with shovel.

Author: Non
Kirk, Yeah I know it is. But that doesn’t mean that it will give me a heart attack. I mean it is a very good workout.

2012.09.05  Opinions (7)  

Author: Vernon
Well, they last pretty long. And when you first use this, you may get some tingling sensation. But that goes away very fast. Other than this, no side effects.

2012.09.05  Opinions (16)  
Dr Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1

Author: Fiona
No problem Matt.

2012.09.05  Opinions (15)  
Pharmacist Education Requirements for You

Author: George
Thanks gary.

2012.09.05  Opinions (5)  
pelle secca

Author: Jenny
Flora, thanks, I will.

2012.09.02  Opinions (5)  

Author: Rahim
Terry, Well this is pretty low in the Arab countries. Moreover, what is even more annoying here is the fact that girls are married off to someone who is 50 or 60 years old.

2012.09.02  Opinions (7)  
herzschmerzen beim laufen

Author: Ruth
Tyra, Yes, you are right.

2012.09.02  Opinions (7)  
legionella pneumophila

Author: Trisha
Larry, I guess you know what you are talking about.

2012.09.02  Opinions (3)  
herzschmerzen beim laufen

Author: Joey
thanks tim for your advice.

2012.08.30  Opinions (7)  
Nurse Helping Senior Man

Author: Jonny
I agree with you Micky. But at the same time older people have the right to live too you know.

2012.08.30  Opinions (3)  
Fresh broccoli isolated on white

Author: Fiona
Beth, That is what I said. Even if you are depressed to stressed, you have to keep up your guard, or else you are going to fail.

2012.08.29  Opinions (6)  
brown eye in macro

Author: Amy
Any, well it is a non-invasive surgery. So, no risks at all. And I didn’t face any side effects.

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White Tea in transparent cup

Author: Jenith
Phenius, Yeah, sure. Thanks again.

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A microcopic view of micro objects with depth of field.

Author: Judith
They are just movies Timmy.

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Young woman hand with cigarette

Author: Julie
Jeremy, smoking during pregnancy is strictly forbidden for any woman. So, I guess you are right in that sense. But other than that, I do not see any difference.

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Author: Daniel
I love to work hard and was looking for a product that could get me in shape within a short period of time. Hoping the Scivation Xtend could work well.

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Author: Michael
to get a cure from allergies for my child, I purchased the Simply Saline For Baby suggested by my sister.

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Author: Mitchell
my dad bought the Tums Smoothies product today to get rid of my acidity problems. Let’s see how it turns out for me.

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Pepcid Complete Acid Reducer + Antacid

Author: Marlon
Bought the Pepcid Complete Acid Reducer + Antacid suggested by a friend of mine, he was confident that this product would be good for me, hoping for the best.

2012.05.29  Opinions (8)  

Author: Ruth
I have been suffering from cold and phlegm for a very long time. During the winter time it becomes worse. The mucus is so thick that it becomes really hard to breathe. I have tried many things for this problem. Then, one day a cousin of mine who has been suffering from this as well suggested this to me. At first I was not that hopeful. But now I can breathe free. My phlegm is much thinner and I ...

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